Dr. Berger is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working with men and women for over 40 years. His own personal and professional journey started in 1971 after returning from Vietnam. It was then that he received help for his alcohol/drug problem which opened up several hidden doors in his life. When these doors opened he realized that within him lived a deep desire to find something that would bring meaning and a purpose to his life. He discovered these things during his personal journey in recovery and realized that he had a gift for helping others and a passion to learn about what makes us tick. He ended up studying psychology at CSULB where he received a B.A. and a M.A.. After graduating from CSULB he pursued a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UC Davis and graduated in 1987. In 1982 he became a licensed marriage and family therapist and in 1992 he became a licensed clinical psychologist in California.

Throughout his professional career Dr. Berger has shown an interest in the process of change and in the psychology of men and women. He has spent over 40 years helping men and women forge better relationships with each other. He has also worked with many men to help them remove their personal armor so that they can discover who they really are. He has authored several books, produced and recorded several audio programs, and written several professional articles. In the last ten years he developed a model of human development which integrates the effect of three powerful forces in our lives: 1) our desire to belong and be loved and accepted, our desire to cooperate; 2) our desire to be ourselves and express our individuality; and 3) family and cultural influences. Dr. Berger has appeared on many national radio and television programs and is known for his no nonsense approach to psychotherapy.

Love Secrets – Revealed was Dr. Berger’s first book which dispels the myths and promotes an understanding of the realities of romantic relationships. 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery is quite popular amongst the recovery community. 12 Smart Things to do When the Booze and Drugs are Gone is about achieving emotional sobriety in recovery. His latest book is 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends discusses the hidden benefits of making amends to those we have hurt in an attempt to make them whole. In addition to these books Dr. Berger has many outstanding audio programs that can be found in the bookstore on his website www.abphd.com.

Dr. Berger is in private practice in Southern California and provides consultations over the phone or with SKYPE. You can each Dr. Berger to set up an appointment or to schedule an appearance at your conference or to organize a retreat either by telephone at 818-584-4795 or email at abphd@msn.com.

Dan Griffin is a nationally known writer and speaker who is tired of how men are represented in our society and the incredible confusion about who men really are – amongst men and women. He brings a message of men’s unique issues and needs with a spirit of compassion, integrity, and humor to all of his work. Dan is a recognized expert on men’s issues particularly in the mental health and addictions field. He has worked with men for almost two decades. He has focused a lot of his thinking on how to help men better understand and process their experiences with trauma.

Dan is the author of the three of the first publications addressing the unique issues and needs of men in the recovery from addictions. He has brought a unique perspective on how to effectively engage men in treatment services. His work is being utilized in a variety of settings and hailed as a true paradigm shift in how to create effective services for men and support men in making lasting change in their lives. His groundbreaking book, A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps, is the first trauma-informed book to take a holistic look at men’s sobriety. He wrote  the groundbreaking book A Man’s Way through Relationships that is focused on how men create healthy and loving relationships in the context of The Man Rules, those ideas we learn about how to be real boys and men. Dan also co-authored Helping Men Recover, the first comprehensive trauma-informed gender-responsive curriculum being used by treatment programs throughout the country.

Griffin is principal and lead consultant for his business, Griffin Recovery Enterprises, Inc. Dan has led trainings for thousands of people throughout the United States and internationally and is a highly sought after consultant, trainer and public-speaker.

Dan lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Nancy, and his daughter, Grace. Dan enjoys playing tennis, working out, doing yoga, and playing and writing music in his spare time. You can learn more about Dan at: www.dangriffin.com.