Most of us, men, are unaware of the extent to which we have uncritically accepted the “Man Rules” in our lives. The famous psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, once stated that we are “…being lived by the forces within us.” We are not saying that the “Man Rules” are bad, because they are not. What we are saying is that blindly living by the “Man Rules” is unhealthy. It victimizes you and the people around you.

We are encouraging you to become aware of your “Rules” and be honest with yourself about how well they are working in your life. Are they old and need updating? Are you living by your father’s rules and haven’t taken the time to discover your own? Are they consistent with your values? The most important question you can ask yourself is: “How do the Rules that I follow support the man that I want to be?”

In the end, you choose – Don’t Let the Man Rules, Rule You. We want you, your true-self, to be the determining force in your life and not the “Man Rules.”


Dr. Allen Berger and Dan Griffin, M.A., discuss the topics that men care about but are not always able to speak clearly about. Using humor and a conversational approach, these two nationally renowned experts on Men’s issues explore several important topics in men’s lives like “Sometimes we like to be the Knight in shining armor but we ride the wrong way!”

They offer insight that will inform both men and women regarding the inner lives of men. You will find them provocative and compassionate as they share their rare understanding of “what men would tell you.”

Join them in what they believe will become a very important addition to this dialogue about masculinity and men.