Every man suffers from a “father wound.” Our wounding may have come at the hands of a distant father who we never felt close to or it may have come at the hands of a highly critical father who we could never please. Some of us where physically abused by our fathers while some of us lost our father’s to a terrible illness, to combat, in an accident or because of an act of violence. One thing is for certain, few of us where raised with a father who took the time to become more conscious and aware of his short comings as a father and correct them. This creates a wound too.

The greatest gift we can give our children is to become more aware and more conscious of the kind of father we would like to be. A brilliant family therapist, Virginia Satir, used the idea that each child in a family has a self-esteem pot. That pot is either being filled up with healthy and nurturing experiences that increase his or her self-esteem or filled with damaging and toxic experiences that damage a child’s self-esteem. We encourage you to ask yourself the following question, “What am I pouring into my child’s self-esteem pot?” Most men don’t realize that healthy and nurturing things are more than giving your child positive feedback: positive feedback is fine if it is balanced with taking the time to really get to know your child, see their true essence, and celebrate their existence.


Dr. Allen Berger and Dan Griffin, M.A., discuss the topics that men care about but are not always able to speak clearly about. Using humor and a conversational approach, these two nationally renowned experts on Men’s issues explore several important topics in men’s lives like “Sometimes we like to be the Knight in shining armor but we ride the wrong way!”

They offer insight that will inform both men and women regarding the inner lives of men. You will find them provocative and compassionate as they share their rare understanding of “what men would tell you.”

Join them in what they believe will become a very important addition to this dialogue about masculinity and men.