Separation can be a serious threat to a relationship if we view separation as a bad thing. But it isn’t. Separation is a dimension of togetherness and not a disruption of it.

When a man retires to his man cave, we hear things like, “Doesn’t he love me anymore?” or “If he loved me, he wouldn’t want to do anything without me.” Have you heard yourself say something like this or thought something like this. If you have then you have fused love and dependency.

If you want to be closer to your man, and he retires to his man cave, support him in his need to separate and soothe yourself. Encourage him to take all the time he needs. Understand that he needs to separate because he needs to, not because he doesn’t love you or doesn’t want to be with you. The less personal you take his need to separate, the more you can understand him and see him as he is, and not as you need him to be.


Dr. Allen Berger and Dan Griffin, M.A., discuss the topics that men care about but are not always able to speak clearly about. Using humor and a conversational approach, these two nationally renowned experts on Men’s issues explore several important topics in men’s lives like “Sometimes we like to be the Knight in shining armor but we ride the wrong way!”

They offer insight that will inform both men and women regarding the inner lives of men. You will find them provocative and compassionate as they share their rare understanding of “what men would tell you.”

Join them in what they believe will become a very important addition to this dialogue about masculinity and men.